Every Man’s Guide to Dressing Well in Winter

Fashion obsession has been largely the domain of women. However, it does not prevent men to be conscious about winter fashion. Men do need to look suave even in sub-zero temperatures. When shirts give way to bulky overcoats and heavy thermal jackets, men need to maintain style. If you are among the few males that feel too much stress and anxiety over winter fashion, then here are some tips to keep you warm and in style.

Most Demanded and Trendy Men’s Casual Wear

Men are not less caring about fashion in fact some men are too conscious about their looks. When it comes to casual wear, they have enough options to go about. Be it a party, or dating a man sees to it that he prepares himself with the best and attractive outfit. As the concern for fashion and look is increasing a lot among men, so the textile industry is also concentration to try out trendy and innovative casual wears for men.

Everyday Jewelry Pieces for the Busy Office Girl

Women's Attire
Even the busiest office woman needs accessories to complete their office wear. Of course you don’t need to wear extravagant jewelry pieces to the office. But aside from special occasions, attending to your everyday work and entering your office also calls for the right accessories. Because you're wearing formal office attire every day, it's just right to match it with only the best accessories. You don't have to splurge, just read along and discover what pieces will complete your office look.
Regardless of the majority color of your office attire, pearl accessories can never go wrong. Both the black and white pearl will fit perfectly to your formal looks. Although it's best to stay away from multi-strand necklaces, you can still wear a tree-strand pearl bracelet. Pearl chokers are also a no-no. Instead, go for pearl accessories with less detail.

Silver or gold watch
As much as you want to stick with fancy and colorful watches from your college days, you just can't break the rule. If you truly want to be on the right path of fashion, wearing a fine gold or silver watch is advisable. Such high quality watches will never go out of style even if most people are fond of relying on their mobile phones for checking the time.

If you're a petite woman, wearing small to medium sized watch will complete your overall corporate attire. However if you're a plus sized woman, wearing chunky silver watches is acceptable.

A few metal pieces
Although clank jewelries break the fashion rule of office attire, the modern taste of many individuals and fashion experts are now slowly accepting it. However there is still a big difference between simple and minimal, and loud and studded. Stay away from those large metal pendants and better stick with the prim and proper accessories. Wearing silver jewelry pieces could also brighten up your office wardrobe without being too flashy.

Minimalist jewels
Those big and chunky bangles in loud colors are indeed trending nowadays. However since we're talking about office accessories, it's best to set aside those chunky ones first. Being a minimalist when it comes to office accessories is a must. Wearing 3 different multi-stranded bracelet will add chaos on your overall look and those dangling and strand earrings will erase the formality.

Fashion experts say that it's always safe to stick with accessories with small details. However if you're not petite, you may be exempted. Just ensure that the material and color of your accessories do not break any other fashion rules.

Birthstone gems
Aside from pearls, wearing birth stone gems can also wrap up your corporate attire. Because it is colored, be sure to stick with the minimalist rule. Go for jewelries with small stones and less extra details. You can also stay away from completing the necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring set. Instead, skip the bracelet if you already have a watch. You can also skip the ring if you're already wearing an engagement or wedding ring.

Finding the perfect accessories to complete a corporate attire is a must if you want to stay fresh, fashionable and formal. It may be a big challenge especially for those who love wild and loud accessories but with the tips you've read, you won't be having a hard time with your jewels ever again.

Author: Suzzane Edwards

Guidelines on how to Dress Well as a Man

The way an individual dresses speaks a lot about his/her personality. This has been a perception followed by people for a comprehensive period.  We often judge people by the way they dress up. As a result, it is often said to dress properly and suitably for the occasion. The importance of dressing is applicable for both men and women. However, it has been seen that women are the ones who are more confident of the way they dress. The men are the ones who struggle to mix and match their ensemble properly. 

A man who is properly dressed exudes confidence. He sounds more positive and attracts people easily. If you are one of those who want to make a mark with your dressing, read the points mentioned below. These are a few tips that will help you dress impressively every day. 

•    Dress comfortably: This should be your first priority. Remember that if you are uncomfortable in what you wear it will automatically show in front of others. It is advisable that you do not opt for clothes which are too tight or too loose. Understand your body shape and choose outfits accordingly.

In case you find difficulty in getting your desired size, it is advisable that you go for online shopping. These online avenues help you buy clothes based on your size, body type, chosen fabric and prize. The whole purchase process becomes easier and enjoyable. Do not worry about the variety available in these online shops. Ranging from dickies skinny pants to other branded outfits, you can get all of them here.

•    Do not wear athletic clothes anytime: Many men have this habit of wearing athletic clothes anytime of the day. Sweatpants, loose T-shirt, shoes are things looked to be worn by all men. However, you should understand that though it is comfortable, it puts up laid-back impression of yourself. It makes you look unkempt.
•    Always dress for the occasion: This is a golden rule of fashion applied to all. In case of formal meetings well-pressed shirt, trousers, tie and shoes is the perfect look. For non-formal occasions, you can be innovative by teaming up shirts and jeans. Remember wearing according to the occasion will never make you feel out of place.

 •    Wear what fits you: A well fitted shirt or pant adds on to your overall appearance. As said by several fashion counselors, the fit of the clothing should be one of the prime concerns. Always remember that no matter how stylish you try to wear, if the outfit does not fit you properly, you will look unimpressive.
•    Minimize on jewelry: This is something that needs to be kept understated by men. If you are someone who has an inclination for jewelry, you can go for a thin chain. Ear studs can also be opted for if you have your ears pierced. Remember, that wearing chain and especially wearing studs are a matter of personal taste. If you can carry them off well, there is no harm in wearing them. 

Author : Steve Hawk is a renowned writer who has written several articles on fashion and dressing. In this article, he talks about the importance of dressing well for a man and gives some helpful tips for it.

Useful lingerie facts

There is no woman who doesn't like wearing a beautifully desinged lingerie and there are certain things you need to keep in mind when choosing and buying lingerie pieces, which will help you to get a product with optimum quality for the money you want to spend.

Underwear is a kind of a 'weapon', so you should know the strengths and weaknesses of your weapons in order to know how to properly use it.

Lingerie Fact #1
You will not look good in lingerie that is too big, too small or that simply does not fit your body shape. First of all, determine the shape of your body, learn how to emphasise the strong points and hide the flaws. Any breasts will look good in a bra that fits perfectly, just as any booty will look perfect in underwear that fits well.

Lingerie Fact #2
When buying lingerie do not look at how it fits on the models. First of all, they all have different body types, and do not forget that they are all photo-shopped. Also, we cannot emphasise enough, it is extremely important to be aware of your body and its form. Therefore, do not run to the store to buy what you see in a magazine on Gisele or Adriana Lima. Before you buy something, the first thing you need to do is try it and make sure that it fits.

Lingerie Fact #3
You want to look like a model? Finally get rid of the junk food and start exercising every day, just as models do. Shape that body! Even 20 minutes of daily exercise will help your muscles in 'reinforcing' and a healthy and moderate diet will help you to reach your optimal weight.

Lingerie Fact #4
Try new things. They do not have to be super expensive, ultra sexy and very uncomfortable. There are many brands that specialise in making different kinds of underwear - feminine, sensual, innovative. The prices of various models range from cheap to somewhat expensive, so you can find something that fits your budget everywhere. Either way, be sure to pay attention to the quality of a brand and fabrics that are used. Natural materials will allow your skin to breathe and will not be irritated, so this is always the best option.

Lingerie Fact #5
It is of great importance the concern for your underwear. Think about the lingerie as an investment so take care of it with caution, store it in a special place in your closet and wash it in the manner prescribed by its label or packaging.

Lingerie Fact #6
What to do with the old underwear? Replace it, recycle it or donate it. Yes, you've read correctly. Some brands offer the option of recycling the out-dated lingerie (such as Intimissimi), while others collect old underwear that is then sent to needy parts of the world as packages.

Lingerie Fact #7
Do not underestimate the details and accessories on the lingerie. Lace gloves, socks or latex, for example, slips of beads can be added to 'lift' your look. 

Author bio:

This article is written by Maya, she's a fashion blogger and has contributed to many websites with her articles. She loves writing about anything related to fashion, style trends and advice. Hopefully some of her articles will help a woman to feel good in her skin while  wearing fashionable clothing that fits her perfectly. She's currently working on a project for one of the leading online sexy lingerie stores that offeres beautiful sexy lingerie to women of all sizes and shapes.

Deciding upon a Tiara and Veil

A bride’s special day is a huge event and something that is only meant to come around once in a lifetime. It is a stressful yet exciting time leading up to it, and many decisions have to be made. There are a range of choices when it comes to headwear and accessories, and one choice is whether to wear a tiara or not. These majestic looking accessories are made for really special occasions and with so much choice to pick from many brides choose this option.

Wedding tiaras were traditionally only worn on a wedding day, you weren’t meant to wear one if you were unmarried. If a woman wanted to wear headwear before their wedding flowers, feathers or leaves were worn instead. Most people associate tiaras with royal weddings and there have been some stunning tiara designs worn over the years. In 1981 princess Diana wore the Spencer tiara which was encrusted with diamonds and shaped to look like small tulips. It is an older fashioned look compared to the designs of today.

The tradition of tiaras only being worn for a wedding day is not mentioned in modern times and many young girls opt to wear them for occasions such as prom. Celebrities also like to wear them to premieres and other special events making them a much more desired accessory to wear. With Kirsten Dunst wearing a gorgeous flower band tiara at Cannes, to Lady Gaga simply wearing one because she felt like it, these are the types of names and styles that people like to copy. These celebrities choose custom made tiaras that have been crafted by famous names which are something that the majority of us won’t be able to afford however! If these have inspired you there are many reasonably priced options too. 

 Some brides also like to wear their tiara with a veil. A veil is a long lasting tradition which used to have a true symbolic meaning, but nowadays many brides choose to wear it for fashion reasons. Pairing the two accessories together does look beautiful and if the bride wanted to remove the veil after the wedding they could do to feel more comfortable. Of course, after deciding upon the accessories to wear, the hair do itself has to be chosen. Many brides enjoy having days were they try out various different styles and try on various accessories which will help them make their final decision, and is a bit of fun too! 

Article Author : ZOE

Preparing for a Winter Wedding

Winter time is a magical time to have a wedding and if you are already engaged and looking to pick your wedding date for 2013 or 2014, searching for what others are thinking of having at the moment will help you make your decision. You might wish to go for December and add in a Christmas theme or wait until January/February time to keep it separate from the festive season. Picking a gorgeous crisp white dress, bridal jewellery with an icy and sparkly look, as well as a gorgeous setting with lights sounds perfect to me!

If you are thinking that the cold weather is the right choice for your big day there are obviously some things to consider. Mother Nature controls the weather and there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it, so if you book January 12th and that day has a huge snowfall all you can do is be prepared in advance and make a back up plan. If you always prepare for the worst then anything better than the worst will be simpler to cope with! It is meant to be the happiest day of your life and comes around only once, so you want to make sure that something out of your control doesn’t ruin it. 
Winter wedding  

In the UK there is always a possibility of snow and looking on the weather channel doesn’t really help, as predictions are often incorrect. Make sure that your venue isn’t at the top of a steep hill with a big, long winding road to get to it because if snow falls you won’t get up there! Try to pick a location with good access but obviously make sure it is still in keeping with what you had in your mind. You need to find the fine balance between practicality and making sure the things you dreamed about become a reality. Of course if you have always pictured a winter wedding with snow you could always pick a date in spring and get your own snow machine filled with artificial snow!

Most brides want to show off their gorgeous gown of choice, but if it is freezing outside you should make sure you have brought a thick coat or blanket with you. We are all human and you can look perfect once you get inside your venue, but whilst in the cold it is important to keep warm! You might even want to bring some more sensible shoes as slips and falls will want to be avoided at all costs. Make a list of any other things you can think of and make a plan of how to deal with them. It might not sound very fun but at least you will know how to cope with any of these issues and can feel confident your day will work out and be perfect.

Stay Trendy at a Fraction of the Price Thanks to Coupon Codes

Christmas has just passed, and it’s around this time of year when people start to feel the burn on their wallets. Not just after buying gifts for other people, but lots of studies show that most of us tend to treat ourselves more often at Christmas time too – buying gifts or ‘treats’ for ourselves as well as presents for friends and family. It’s no surprise that millions of dollars are spent during the Christmas period each and every year, what might surprise you though is that year-on-year more and more people are turning to the internet to do their shopping, but why?

Well, first of all, you get to avoid all of the manic bargain shoppers barging, shoving and rummaging their way around department stores, you get to avoid the hassles of visiting your local shopping mall or centre during its busiest period, and most importantly, you can save yourself a small fortune, on almost anything!

Christmas is an expensive time as it is, don’t let it be more expensive than it needs to be. So, how do you save money by shopping online? With coupon codes. Coupons are available from a number of sites on the net, and if you’ve never looked before, you’ll be amazed by the vast selection of coupons available, and the selection is always growing.

Literally any product you want to buy, be it high end fashion clothing, food and drink, game consoles, electronics, toys or days out, you’ll find coupon codes online that will help you save on your order. Savings come in all sorts of shapes and forms, from free delivery on your order, to 50% off, buy one get one free, cashback deals and other amazing offers that are too good to be ignored.

Every time I shop online now, I always do a quick search on Hello Coin or Retail Me Not to see if any coupons are available to save me a bit of cash on my order, and nine times out of ten there will be some form of saving there for me.

My local Pizza Hut regularly has a 50% off discount code, which I tend to use each week! What would normally cost around $60 to treat the family to a Pizza Hut comes in at just $30 with the voucher, much cheaper and we’re able to do it more often as a result!

Whatever it is you’re looking to buy this Christmas, make sure you check for coupons first, because I can almost guarantee you that you’ll make a saving if you do. And as you’ve probably already spent a small fortune getting ready for Christmas, I’m sure you won’t be turning your nose up at any savings you can make on things you still need to buy.

Whether you’re shopping for fashion, clothes, shoes, jewellery, consumer electronics, food and drink, presents, music and films, days out, you’ll find it all online and you’ll get it much cheaper than in-store! So wise up for 2013, save yourself some money and do your shopping like a pro saver.
Happy Shopping and I wish you a Happy New Year!

Author Name :
Author Bio: The author of this article runs a website providing coupons for many stores to save you money online, they provide macys coupon codes for those of you with a passion for fashion!

Dior Resort 2013: Collection of Elegance and Style

I always believe that the dresses that girls wear should be for every season. What is the point of owning a designer if it’s only restrictive to a certain occasion right? A dress really represents the essence of style, and gives you the confidence of being both feminine and feeling very confident. Well, the latest collection from Christian Dior, which also featured the haute couture collection from Raf Simons, who is Dior’s new creative director, unveiled his debut collection.  A real flair for the latest trends that we have been noticing a lot on the fashion runways are the peplum flared styled with scarlet wool material to complete that look. The floral, black and white theme of the collection will make you feel like you can step out for a great summer day, light and refreshed in these lovely floral pieces which are also featured. At the same time the cut and style of the sophisticated dresses can be used for a more formal occasion. Dior is known for its expensive yet beautiful styles and we should not typecast the look as just for peplum or floral prints. As you browse through the collection you will get a variation of the looks from florals to pants and pretty dresses. 

My personal favorite would be the black leather peplum top with straight cut white skirt which helps to give the great elegant look and another look - a three-dimensionally embroidered bodice and a narrow silk skirt really caught my attention.  It also features a black jacket buttoned up looking very sleek outfit with a pair of white pants. However, to own one of these pieces will definitely cost you quite a bit I must admit. Anyhow, I personally love the pastel dresses that can be worn for your family events or in this holiday season or even the important party and events. Naturally, Dior has always been my personal favorite as its one collection where I feel like owning every piece (wishful thinking). For now let’s have a look at this gorgeous set of looks and get fashionable this season!

Blog:  Fashionista Era
Article Author : +Fash Era 

Kids Winter Hat Selection Guide

Kids winter hat is one of the essential winter accessories for kids. Winter hats are specially engineered to keep the little head protected from cold. This is the best way to stay warm and cozy during the outdoor activities. It makes the outdoor experience more enjoyable while keeping the head warm and cozy. Kids can beat the icy temperatures and sharp winds by wearing the best winter hats. You’ll find a huge range of styles and brands available in the market, so choosing the right one can be trickier. You need to make sure that you’ve chosen the perfect one that even meets the latest trends.
Before purchasing a winter hat, it is recommended to try it for perfect comfort. Check whether the hat fits well on your child’s head. Pick the right size according to the shape of the face. Improper size can bring an unflattering look to the face. Perfect material is also one of the key lookouts. It will dramatically increase your child’s ability to stay warm and look fashionable. Woolen hats are best known to protect the head even from extreme cold. You can also opt for felt, cotton, cashmere, or velvet material. These materials are combined with fake fur trimmings and offers absolute comfort.

As winter hats are available in various styles and designs, you can look for something trendy. Kids winter hats are generally made eye-catchy. Search for winter hats having ear flaps that fall over the ears to keep the warm inside. Choosing the right colour that matches the outfit is also important. Neutral color such as shades of black, brown, or beige suits well to the adults. But, in case of children, always opt for funky colours. It should also match with the type of clothing they tend to wear every day. Match it with other winter accessories like gloves, jackets, and scarves.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas
Comfort, price, and function are the essential things to look before buying a kids winter hat. It’s not always true that an expensive winter hat is the best one. A good one meets all the essential things, so go for your suitable choice. You can surf the internet to find many online stores that stock in winter hats for kids. Compare a variety of winter hats and then choose the best one for your kiddo.

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