Every Man’s Guide to Dressing Well in Winter

Fashion obsession has been largely the domain of women. However, it does not prevent men to be conscious about winter fashion. Men do need to look suave even in sub-zero temperatures. When shirts give way to bulky overcoats and heavy thermal jackets, men need to maintain style. If you are among the few males that feel too much stress and anxiety over winter fashion, then here are some tips to keep you warm and in style.
Choose the right kind of fabric
People use bulky sweaters to keep themselves warm. Finely knit lightweight wool sweaters are better than the heavy traditional winter sweater. Flaunt your sleek body with fitting clothing. Not only it makes you appear sexier but it traps the heat from your body. Fabric colors also matter. Choose dark colors since it makes you appear thinner. Deep blues and blacks are perfect for the season.

Practical and professional
When looking for outfits for winter, think professional and practical. Ski jackets can make you hot but it may not be appropriate for the office. A well-tailored wool coat that reaches the knee would be appropriate. A dressier men’s jacket is also acceptable for office wear. It will not only keep you warm but it speaks volume when you are about to see a valued client. Always remember that no matter what the weather is, you should always be dressed for success. This is very important especially if part of your job is facing different kinds of people every day. Make sure that your chosen clothes will always bring out the best in you so that people will look up to you not just as someone who knows what real fashion is but someone who is always professional inside and out.

Material is important
Clothes made from wool and cashmere are excellent in keeping you warm. Wool with some insulation is the best. Cashmere does a great job in trapping body heat but is expensive and has durability issues. Leather jackets can make you look slick but it doesn’t breathe well. You will find leather jackets with buttons quite a challenge to seal. Good insulation should be your primary consideration in picking winter jackets.

Ease of movement
When shopping for winter clothes, choose the ones that don’t restrict your movement. Check the binding of the clothes if it holds up to much movement. It should not easily get ripped. You need a jacket that can withstand a full range of motion. Remember, you may need to wear the clothes when you shovel for snow. Invest in quality clothes that will last for several winters. It is not worth the price if a sweater easily rips when you raise your arm. When shopping for winter clothes, do not just look at the style but be meticulous enough to check how well it allows you flexibility with regard to moving a lot.

Look for natural than thermal
Use silk clothing than using the thermal kind to avoid looking as if you are going to a ski slope. Thermal clothing can make you look bulky. Wearing long johns will make you stay warm minus the bulk. Corduroy pants are also great because it keeps you warm and makes you look slim. How’s that for a fashion statement?

Look sophisticated
A sweater vest can make you look sophisticated with less bulk. You get to keep warm at the same time avoid appearing bulky if you wear a full sweater. A scarf around your neck can make you look trendy and modern. A warm scarf may do away the need of wearing a heavy sweater. However, you have to carefully choose your scarf and see to it that it matches your outfit.

What you wear speaks a lot about your personality. Winter is no excuse to be a fashion faux pas. You can still be trendy and hip even in sub-zero temperatures, provided that you follow the above mentioned tips.

About the Author:
Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks for seven years.  He now dedicates his life in writing articles that will help people in coping with anxiety, stress, panic attacks and depression. You can read more of his writings at Calm Clinic.


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