Everyday Jewelry Pieces for the Busy Office Girl

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Even the busiest office woman needs accessories to complete their office wear. Of course you don’t need to wear extravagant jewelry pieces to the office. But aside from special occasions, attending to your everyday work and entering your office also calls for the right accessories. Because you're wearing formal office attire every day, it's just right to match it with only the best accessories. You don't have to splurge, just read along and discover what pieces will complete your office look.
Regardless of the majority color of your office attire, pearl accessories can never go wrong. Both the black and white pearl will fit perfectly to your formal looks. Although it's best to stay away from multi-strand necklaces, you can still wear a tree-strand pearl bracelet. Pearl chokers are also a no-no. Instead, go for pearl accessories with less detail.

Silver or gold watch
As much as you want to stick with fancy and colorful watches from your college days, you just can't break the rule. If you truly want to be on the right path of fashion, wearing a fine gold or silver watch is advisable. Such high quality watches will never go out of style even if most people are fond of relying on their mobile phones for checking the time.

If you're a petite woman, wearing small to medium sized watch will complete your overall corporate attire. However if you're a plus sized woman, wearing chunky silver watches is acceptable.

A few metal pieces
Although clank jewelries break the fashion rule of office attire, the modern taste of many individuals and fashion experts are now slowly accepting it. However there is still a big difference between simple and minimal, and loud and studded. Stay away from those large metal pendants and better stick with the prim and proper accessories. Wearing silver jewelry pieces could also brighten up your office wardrobe without being too flashy.

Minimalist jewels
Those big and chunky bangles in loud colors are indeed trending nowadays. However since we're talking about office accessories, it's best to set aside those chunky ones first. Being a minimalist when it comes to office accessories is a must. Wearing 3 different multi-stranded bracelet will add chaos on your overall look and those dangling and strand earrings will erase the formality.

Fashion experts say that it's always safe to stick with accessories with small details. However if you're not petite, you may be exempted. Just ensure that the material and color of your accessories do not break any other fashion rules.

Birthstone gems
Aside from pearls, wearing birth stone gems can also wrap up your corporate attire. Because it is colored, be sure to stick with the minimalist rule. Go for jewelries with small stones and less extra details. You can also stay away from completing the necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring set. Instead, skip the bracelet if you already have a watch. You can also skip the ring if you're already wearing an engagement or wedding ring.

Finding the perfect accessories to complete a corporate attire is a must if you want to stay fresh, fashionable and formal. It may be a big challenge especially for those who love wild and loud accessories but with the tips you've read, you won't be having a hard time with your jewels ever again.

Author: Suzzane Edwards

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