Creative Uses of Scarf

Scarf originated in Roman times, but today it has gained its popularity across the globe. Now, it’s one of the must-have fashion accessories. Apart from general public, scarf has marked its presence in many celebrities’ fashion statement. Scarves come in a variety of colours and shapes which can be worn by women as well as men. You can choose from a wide array of scarves which can best complement your daily attire. A scarf generally goes around the neck and shows its beauty. However, you should have the flair of using a scarf in innovative ways.  

Before you go on for some creativity, you first need to know the different shapes of your scarf. It usually comes long like sashes, square, and even rectangular. You can do a lot if you have a collection of long scarves. Buy scarves that match the colours and styles of your outfits.

Using a scarf as a hair accessory can be a cool idea. If you’re having a ponytail, tie a short scarf around it. You can either wind it around your ponytail or simply dangle the loose ends down. If your scarf is long enough, then using it as a headband can be eye-catchy. Match it according to your outfit colour. Once done, either leave the extra scarf end to dangle over your shoulder or knot it up.

Well, you can add a pirate look to your style by using a broad scarf. Just fold a large scarf in half and tie it across most of the top of your head. You can also have a turban look with a square shape scarf. First fold the square scarf into a triangle. Then fold the edge under the forehead area of the scarf. Tie the two ends of your scarf on top of your head. Even your hair can get an unique style if you braid it with a scarf. Create an interesting hair style by weaving the scarf in and out on your hair.

Tying a scarf in a knot around your neck is a basic idea. But, this idea is no simpler for the fashion straight forward people. There are lots of scarf knots and styles to choose from. A winter scarf can suit as a fashionable accessory to your coat. Whereas, a silk and short scarf can be your favorite office casual outfit.

Tying a scarf around your waist is literally an excellent idea. You can even roll up the scarf and thread through the belt loops. Creating a bracelet with scarf will also give a stylish touch to your wrist. Simply, choose a thin scarf and tie it up on your wrist to create a cozy bracelet. Wrapping a scarf around a bag handle can be an unique idea. It will definitely add some extra flavor to your bag’s look.


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