Carpet Care in Monsoon

Monsoon brings a different atmosphere in which the weather remains pleasant with high humidity. It is bit tough to keep one’s home beautiful in this season. It becomes quite difficult to maintain our house floors, clothes, curtains, fabrics, and furniture. And when it comes to carpet flooring, you should take special care and attention. A clean carpet always contributes to a beautiful indoor environment. With some better efforts and ideas you can deal with monsoon drama.

Involve some vital precautions to make your carpet stay safe and usable for a longer duration. Especially in monsoon, carpets should be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner, as dust and small insects remain in it. It easily sucks up all the dirt and dust from the carpets and the floors. Regular cleaning can prolong the beauty and life of your carpet. In rainy days too much water condensation makes the carpet damp. So, keeping carpets dry is a best alternative because wet carpet becomes the breeding ground for germs. If you are using expensive carpets, store them in a dry place. If you still wish to use them in monsoon, use plastic covers.

Make sure your foot wear is not wet. Always use walk off mats at the entrances to absorb soil and moisture. You should never spread heavy carpets during monsoon because it takes many days to dry and retains musty smell. Carpet deodorizers add a pleasing fragrance and its built-in stain resistance protects your carpet. You can avail eco-friendly carpets which are easy to maintain. If you want to spend some extra penny in carpet care, opt for a carpet cleaning agency. They can work wonders on your expensive carpets.

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