Things to Consider when Buying Kids Umbrellas

Buying an umbrella is a simple process, but choosing the correct one will give you desirable benefits. There are many adorable umbrellas available in the market, specially designed for kids. Whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy day, it’s always best to carry an umbrella. However, picking a cute umbrella for your child is not just good enough. Choosing a perfect umbrella will make all the difference in your child's safety.

*  Never buy an umbrella having a pointy metal end. It can cause accident if the umbrella is caught by the wind. Make sure the umbrella ends have protective caps on it. Ends should be securely covered to protect your child.

*  Select umbrellas having rounded, plastic ends. A bubble shaped umbrella will provide most coverage. It will securely cover your child from getting wet.

*   The opening and closing mechanism should be smooth. First, test the umbrella and then make sure your child is able to open and close it with ease.  

*  Kids use their little fingers for many mischievous activities. So, you need to choose an umbrella with a strong and flexible frame. The umbrella should be sturdy enough to handle any rough use.

*  The handle should be smooth and have a protective coating. Choose the handle which is semicircular curved with a gripy surface. A rubberized handle is best and it will not slip in heavy rain or wind.

*  There are both automatic and manual umbrellas available in the market. An automatic umbrella uses a spring and pulley system. If a heavy pressure is exerted while opening, the umbrella may break. As you’re choosing an umbrella for your kid, it is best to pick the manual one. It involves the simple push-to-open mechanism. It is more reliable and limits the chance of breakage.

Kids umbrella comes with several designs and looks. Pick an umbrella that suits your child’s taste. Let your child to select the character, theme or color of the umbrella while shopping. 

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