Warm Tips for Winter Dressing

Thinking of winter gives your skin goose bump? Yes, the winter cold brings uncomfortable conditions as the temperature falls down. Do you feel the weather is getting colder and have no idea on what to wear while staying fashionable? Well there’s no need to panic, as winter clothing can dramatically beat the shivering cold. You’ll find this article quite informative, providing tips on perfect winter dressing. Keep on reading to know how to dress warmly to stay comfortable in cold days.

Layer up your dress: Layering up is always an excellent idea to keep the cold out of your body. Use many thin, warm layers which will better insulate. You can layer up with an under shirt, a shirt, and a sweater. Your winter coat will be the outer layer. You can also wear a good quality jacket with a hood. This will trap the air better and accurately regulate your body temperature. If the temperature rises up, strip off one layer. This will well balance your body temperature.

Protect your neck: Wind up a scarf or a muffler around your neck. These are good fashion accessories too. For kids, a neck warmer is always better. It limits the risk of strangulation in young children. A jacket can be good, if it zips up to your neck. Make sure to seal the top of your jacket so that air does not leak out of it. Jackets with Velcro seals on the cuffs of the sleeves are good. It lets you have a tight seal around your wrist.

Hats & caps: Your head is the top most part of your body from where maximum body heat goes out. So, keep the heat within by wearing a hat or cap. A nice warm hat with ear flaps can be a good option. You can properly regulate your body temperature if your head is completely covered.

Protect your hands & legs: Hands are easily vulnerable to cold in winter. So, comfortable, warm gloves can be useful to protect your hands. Waterproof insulated glove are very effective and keeps your hands dry. If you have small kids, then mittens will easily go on their tiny palms. Keep your feet warm by wearing woolen socks. Wear more than one layer of socks, if necessary.

Nice pair of boots: Sturdy, warm boots are always a thumbs-up for winter season. It not only looks fashionable, but also keeps your feet warm. Buy a pair of insulated boots having woolen or synthetic lining. Fleece-lined boots will keep your feet much cozy and warmer. A pair of snow boots can be useful, if you live in a place where you experience snow fall. These waterproof boots have good traction over wet surface and limits slippery.

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