Winter Scarves: Cozy Ways to Wear Them

A winter scarf is one of the most essential accessories in colder conditions. In active winter, it keeps you warm and stylish as well. You’ll not only beat the cold, but also add extra charm to your outfit. By choosing the right one, you can spice up your winter outfit. It comes in several styles and shapes from short to large. Short and wide type safeguard from extreme cold, whereas the long and narrow one offers less warm. In addition, long type scarf serves other purposes. It protects the hair from dust and dirt. You can easily cover up your head and neck areas. Even it helps you to have multiple styles in a couple of minutes. Scarves are crafted from different textiles such as cotton, polyester, silk, wool, and cashmere. As the air gets colder in winter, you should choose the appropriate one for you. However, some people usually do not wear a scarf because they don’t know how to wear it correctly. Even some are fed up from the old tie up style. There’s no need to panic anymore if you’re among them. This article focuses on some simple yet effective ideas for wearing a winter scarf. Keep on reading to know different ways to wear it.

Women's Winter Fashion
Winter Fashion

Idea 1#
The woolen scarves help you make a balance knot which truly balances your outfit. Just place it around your neck and knit a knot by equally balancing the ends. Make sure that the top end of your scarf encircles your neck through the back. The end should come through the space between your scarf and neck. Keep the balance by maintaining the same size through the two ends.
Idea 2#
Slim knot is also another warm style to have. A two toned scarf will add more flavor to your outfit. But, for this the color of your coat or sweater should be simple and light. First cover up your neck, and then knit a knot behind your neck, and an additional knot from the front. Isn’t it so simple?

Idea 3#
If your scarf has patterns, you can make a graceful knot. Combine a bold colored winter scarf with a light colored sweater. First, fold it into half and make a triangular shape. Then, roll it slightly from the lengthier side. Place the shorter triangular side on your chest and knit a knot behind. A square silk scarf can be best for this.
Men's Winter Scarf
Men's Winter Scarf
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Idea 4#
 Here comes the Italian loop, a simple yet fascinating style. Put the scarf around your neck by folding and making a loop. Pull down the ends through the loop. Using this knot over or under a coat can be an eye-catchy idea.

Idea 5# 
Wrap your scarf around your neck so that you have one really long side, and one really short side. Wrap the long side around twice, and then pull it up and through. Pull it to make it tight, so that you get warmer. This way you can get the cozy heat around your face and neck.

Well, you can try the above ideas with a variety of materials, from wool, cotton, to cashmere. As scarves are quite pliable, you can always experiment with different knotting.


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  2. Really an awesome ideas! thanks for sharing it:) its really looking amazing to wear stylish jackets with colorful scarves!


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