Preparing for a Winter Wedding

Winter time is a magical time to have a wedding and if you are already engaged and looking to pick your wedding date for 2013 or 2014, searching for what others are thinking of having at the moment will help you make your decision. You might wish to go for December and add in a Christmas theme or wait until January/February time to keep it separate from the festive season. Picking a gorgeous crisp white dress, bridal jewellery with an icy and sparkly look, as well as a gorgeous setting with lights sounds perfect to me!

If you are thinking that the cold weather is the right choice for your big day there are obviously some things to consider. Mother Nature controls the weather and there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it, so if you book January 12th and that day has a huge snowfall all you can do is be prepared in advance and make a back up plan. If you always prepare for the worst then anything better than the worst will be simpler to cope with! It is meant to be the happiest day of your life and comes around only once, so you want to make sure that something out of your control doesn’t ruin it. 
Winter wedding  

In the UK there is always a possibility of snow and looking on the weather channel doesn’t really help, as predictions are often incorrect. Make sure that your venue isn’t at the top of a steep hill with a big, long winding road to get to it because if snow falls you won’t get up there! Try to pick a location with good access but obviously make sure it is still in keeping with what you had in your mind. You need to find the fine balance between practicality and making sure the things you dreamed about become a reality. Of course if you have always pictured a winter wedding with snow you could always pick a date in spring and get your own snow machine filled with artificial snow!

Most brides want to show off their gorgeous gown of choice, but if it is freezing outside you should make sure you have brought a thick coat or blanket with you. We are all human and you can look perfect once you get inside your venue, but whilst in the cold it is important to keep warm! You might even want to bring some more sensible shoes as slips and falls will want to be avoided at all costs. Make a list of any other things you can think of and make a plan of how to deal with them. It might not sound very fun but at least you will know how to cope with any of these issues and can feel confident your day will work out and be perfect.


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