Deciding upon a Tiara and Veil

A bride’s special day is a huge event and something that is only meant to come around once in a lifetime. It is a stressful yet exciting time leading up to it, and many decisions have to be made. There are a range of choices when it comes to headwear and accessories, and one choice is whether to wear a tiara or not. These majestic looking accessories are made for really special occasions and with so much choice to pick from many brides choose this option.

Wedding tiaras were traditionally only worn on a wedding day, you weren’t meant to wear one if you were unmarried. If a woman wanted to wear headwear before their wedding flowers, feathers or leaves were worn instead. Most people associate tiaras with royal weddings and there have been some stunning tiara designs worn over the years. In 1981 princess Diana wore the Spencer tiara which was encrusted with diamonds and shaped to look like small tulips. It is an older fashioned look compared to the designs of today.

The tradition of tiaras only being worn for a wedding day is not mentioned in modern times and many young girls opt to wear them for occasions such as prom. Celebrities also like to wear them to premieres and other special events making them a much more desired accessory to wear. With Kirsten Dunst wearing a gorgeous flower band tiara at Cannes, to Lady Gaga simply wearing one because she felt like it, these are the types of names and styles that people like to copy. These celebrities choose custom made tiaras that have been crafted by famous names which are something that the majority of us won’t be able to afford however! If these have inspired you there are many reasonably priced options too. 

 Some brides also like to wear their tiara with a veil. A veil is a long lasting tradition which used to have a true symbolic meaning, but nowadays many brides choose to wear it for fashion reasons. Pairing the two accessories together does look beautiful and if the bride wanted to remove the veil after the wedding they could do to feel more comfortable. Of course, after deciding upon the accessories to wear, the hair do itself has to be chosen. Many brides enjoy having days were they try out various different styles and try on various accessories which will help them make their final decision, and is a bit of fun too! 

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