Useful lingerie facts

There is no woman who doesn't like wearing a beautifully desinged lingerie and there are certain things you need to keep in mind when choosing and buying lingerie pieces, which will help you to get a product with optimum quality for the money you want to spend.

Underwear is a kind of a 'weapon', so you should know the strengths and weaknesses of your weapons in order to know how to properly use it.

Lingerie Fact #1
You will not look good in lingerie that is too big, too small or that simply does not fit your body shape. First of all, determine the shape of your body, learn how to emphasise the strong points and hide the flaws. Any breasts will look good in a bra that fits perfectly, just as any booty will look perfect in underwear that fits well.

Lingerie Fact #2
When buying lingerie do not look at how it fits on the models. First of all, they all have different body types, and do not forget that they are all photo-shopped. Also, we cannot emphasise enough, it is extremely important to be aware of your body and its form. Therefore, do not run to the store to buy what you see in a magazine on Gisele or Adriana Lima. Before you buy something, the first thing you need to do is try it and make sure that it fits.

Lingerie Fact #3
You want to look like a model? Finally get rid of the junk food and start exercising every day, just as models do. Shape that body! Even 20 minutes of daily exercise will help your muscles in 'reinforcing' and a healthy and moderate diet will help you to reach your optimal weight.

Lingerie Fact #4
Try new things. They do not have to be super expensive, ultra sexy and very uncomfortable. There are many brands that specialise in making different kinds of underwear - feminine, sensual, innovative. The prices of various models range from cheap to somewhat expensive, so you can find something that fits your budget everywhere. Either way, be sure to pay attention to the quality of a brand and fabrics that are used. Natural materials will allow your skin to breathe and will not be irritated, so this is always the best option.

Lingerie Fact #5
It is of great importance the concern for your underwear. Think about the lingerie as an investment so take care of it with caution, store it in a special place in your closet and wash it in the manner prescribed by its label or packaging.

Lingerie Fact #6
What to do with the old underwear? Replace it, recycle it or donate it. Yes, you've read correctly. Some brands offer the option of recycling the out-dated lingerie (such as Intimissimi), while others collect old underwear that is then sent to needy parts of the world as packages.

Lingerie Fact #7
Do not underestimate the details and accessories on the lingerie. Lace gloves, socks or latex, for example, slips of beads can be added to 'lift' your look. 

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This article is written by Maya, she's a fashion blogger and has contributed to many websites with her articles. She loves writing about anything related to fashion, style trends and advice. Hopefully some of her articles will help a woman to feel good in her skin while  wearing fashionable clothing that fits her perfectly. She's currently working on a project for one of the leading online sexy lingerie stores that offeres beautiful sexy lingerie to women of all sizes and shapes.


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